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the art of recycling

Dark Ark I


42" high. Wall mounted.

Viewers were not attracted to the sad face. The face represented the figurehead of a large galleon. The heavy swinging pendulum made of ebony was supposed to give a sense of the gentle rocking of the vessel.

Perhaps it was the asymmetrical shape that made it visually uncomfortable. It was shown by compositions gallery at the sculptural Objects and Functional Arts Expo (SOFA) in Chicago in 1999.

When it returned to my studio I removed the face, the pendulum and re-formed the shape to become...

Dark Ark II

The next year in the Del Mano gallery in Los Angeles it was purchased by a collector.

Faulty Towers


Faulty Towers was a series of sloping towers made of painted maple. My previous work had contained many references to archeological ruins. This concept for this group was to represent modern buildings in a state of disarray.

It was shown at SOFA in Chicago in the Fall of 200 and did not attract any attention.

One year later 9/11 happened. The forms were eventually cut apart and...



...some of the detailed carvings were incorporated into the legs of this cabinet,

Waiter I


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